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Discover our logistics solutions

Road Transport

Whatever your transportation needs, we are ready to ensure that your goods reach their destination efficiently and safely.

Cargo Tracking

Our operation has a tracking system that allows tracking your goods from the moment they are collected until their final delivery.

Dry Cargo Transportation

We offer dry cargo transportation services for a variety of goods, from packaged products to bulk materials.

Refrigerated Transport

Ensuring that perishable goods, medications, food, and other sensitive items are transported under ideal temperature and hygiene conditions.


If your cargo is valuable, fragile, or simply requires meticulous preparation, Pre-Staking is the answer.

Redex Terminal

We have suitable facilities, modern equipment, and dedicated teams that ensure your cargo is handled with maximum efficiency.

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Transport company DeckLog

With roots on the coast of the state of São Paulo, located in the city of Santos, we are close to the port, ensuring greater efficiency and agility in our logistics operations. Strategically positioned in the city that houses the 43rd largest port in the world by container movement, connecting over 600 destinations and handling cargo from more than 200 countries, responsible for operating 162 million tons of cargo in 2022, including 5 million TEUs.

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