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With roots on the coast of the state of São Paulo, located in the city of Santos, we are close to the port, ensuring greater efficiency and agility in our logistics operations. Strategically positioned in the city that houses the 43rd largest port in the world by container movement, connecting over 600 destinations and handling cargo from more than 200 countries, responsible for operating 162 million tons of cargo in 2022, including 5 million TEUs.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to establish solid relationships, bringing together people and markets worldwide, prioritizing excellence through efficient logistical solutions with minimal environmental impact.


Our vision is to become a reference in road transportation, globally recognized for operational excellence, innovation, sustainability, and total customer satisfaction.

To achieve this ambitious vision, we have set some strategic objectives:

Operational Excellence

Become a leader in operational efficiency, ensuring that road transportation services are reliable, safe, and punctual. Investing in technology to optimize routes, manage fleets, and improve vehicle maintenance.


Constantly seek innovative solutions to enhance transportation services, such as implementing advanced tracking systems, autonomous vehicles, or electric vehicles to reduce environmental impact.


Commit to sustainable practices, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact. This could include adopting more sustainable fleets, investing in alternative fuels, and reducing energy consumption.

Total Customer Satisfaction

Place the customer at the center of operations, offering exceptional service, competitive prices, and customized solutions for their transportation needs. We value transparent relationships and continuously seek feedback from each of our clients.

Organizational Culture

Foster a culture of innovation, continuous learning, and commitment to our values, to maintain a motivated team aligned with the vision.

Social Responsibility and Community

Commit to corporate social responsibility by promoting and supporting social causes with a significant impact on society

Internal Recycling and Sustainability Programs

Implement recycling programs at company facilities, reduce waste, and promote sustainability practices among employees, such as energy and water conservation.

Support for Environmental Organizations

Promote awareness about ocean protection and marine life.

Sustainable Profitability

Achieve the necessary profitability to sustain the company’s growth and expansion, reinvesting profits strategically

National Expansion

Through strategic partnerships, seek to leverage our market share and operate in all ports and highways in Brazil.

Risk Management

Effective risk management plays a crucial role in minimizing and recovering potential losses, and for this reason, we understand the importance of ensuring safety and peace of mind in all transportation operations.

Combining our experience in freight transport and the in-depth knowledge of the De Caprio Group, we are ready to offer the protection and support you need. Specialized in Cargo Transport Insurance, both in national and international operations, in all modes (land, water, and air), the Group’s goal is to ensure losses and damages caused to goods or merchandise during transport in national or international trips.

Your cargo is in good hands, and your peace of mind is our priority.

Information Management

At Decklog, we rely on the security and reliability of the Movtrans Software, allowing us precision in information control and analysis, better information storage and management techniques, integrated with CIOT, Insurers, Risk Managers.

Electronic Transport Knowledge (CT-e):

The main goal of the Electronic Transport Knowledge is to document, for tax purposes, the provision of cargo transport services. It is important to note that a CT-e is valid in all Brazilian states and the Federal District.

We use CT-e and gain agility with it. The adoption of CT-e provides significant time.

Certificates and Commitment to Safety

At Decklog, safety and regulatory compliance are our priorities. We have certification from ANTT (National Land Transport Agency), which attests to our commitment to meeting safety and regulatory standards in the road transport sector.

We believe that safety is the foundation of all our operations, and ANTT certification is solid evidence of this commitment. By choosing Decklog, you are opting for a transportation partner that prioritizes safety, excellence, and compliance in every shipment.

We are proud to offer the peace of mind and reliability that our clients deserve, knowing that their goods are in good hands.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how ANTT certification benefits our clients, do not hesitate to contact us:

We are here to assist you.

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