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Road Transport Services

Whatever your transportation needs, we are ready to ensure that your goods reach their destination efficiently and safely, through the main entry and exit point of the country, the Port of Santos, a vital connection for national and international logistics, and we are well positioned to make the most of this advantage.

Cargo Tracking

Always be informed about the status of your shipments in real-time. Our operation has a tracking system that allows tracking your goods from the moment they are collected until their final delivery. With precise and up-to-date information, keeping our clients informed about every detail of transportation.

Dry Cargo Transportation

We offer dry cargo transportation services for a variety of goods, from packaged products to bulk materials. We are ready to handle any challenge, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time.

Refrigerated Transport

With the increasing demand for refrigerated transport, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. Ensuring that perishable goods, medications, food, and other sensitive items are transported under ideal temperature and hygiene conditions.

Pre-Staking – Precision Cargo Preparation

Imagine having the ability to prepare or stow your cargo accurately and organized before shipping. This is possible with the Pre-Staking service. If your cargo is valuable, fragile, or simply requires meticulous preparation, Pre-Staking is the answer.

Redex Terminal – Logistics Efficiency

We have suitable facilities, modern equipment, and dedicated teams that ensure your cargo is handled with maximum efficiency. Whether it’s export, import, or domestic transit, we have the Redex Terminal, designed to move your cargo with care and safety. It is the starting point for a smooth and efficient journey.

Decklog provides Redex storage at key points in the Port of Santos.

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